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Our coffee skill-developing courses give opportunities for attendees to understand the world of coffee, the supply chain, and the various ways to craft uniqueness in the cup. We offer courses for beginners who want to pursue a barista career, and also to those professional baristas who are willing to refine their knowledge and skills. All of our courses are run in our well-equipped coffee lab by our coffee experts with demonstrations and hands-on.


Barista Training Curricular Structure:


  • Barista/coffee meaning and definition
  • Coffee History
  • Coffee movement (evolution phase)
  • Types of coffee and parameters
  • Types of coffee cherry
  • Different Processing methods (crop to cup)
  • Coffee drink types
  • Roasting Method
  • 5 layers of coffee packaging
  • Roasted coffee bean self-life
  • Roasted coffee enemies
  • Grinding types/grade
  • Factors affecting roasting
  • 4 methods of coffee brewing
  • Coffee brewing equipment
  • Coffee beverage


  • Threat to the coffee industry
  • CO2 creation


  • Machine Identification
  • Monometer
  • Gas ignition technique
  • Heat exchange process
  • Espresso
  • Cupping (French press, Mocha Pot)
  • Espresso Varieties
  • Black and milk coffee varieties
  • Iced beverages
  • Machine cleaning techniques and procedure
  • Blended beverages
  • Coffee alternatives
  • Latte Art class
  • Coffee cocktails